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Find Succes in a Box

3-year-old company expects $2 million in sales building boxes of all kinds

by Renee Ramirez

Albert Lanza cut out the perfect business for himself: a box-making company that caters to medium-sized businesses and specialty needs. It’s A niche he discovered while earning his MBA at UTEP.

Lanza sold boxes for another company as he worked his way through graduate school. Along the way, he studied the industry and wrote the business plan for his still-to-come company as his master´s thesis.

After graduating, he handed his thesis to a banker in 1993 and walked away with a loan. Now Lanza´s ICS Company, which makes boxes of all kinds to customer specifications, is among booming businesses cited on the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce´s Emerging 30 list.

Lanza expects more than 2 million in sales this year. “I don’t believe we´re successful at this point,”he says. “I think we have a lot more to grow.” In fact, Lanza says, “We´ve been doubling in size every year.”

He hopes now to reach out to markets farther west and to move south toward Monterrey, Mexico. ICS Packaging & Logistics currently serves about customers – mostly through vendors.

“We treat the small guys and the big guys the same,” Lanza says “We´re small, so we know how it feels”to be the little guy. 

Lanza, originally from Delaware, wound up as a lawyer in Venezuela. He pursued his MBA at UTEP because his parents are now living in El Paso.

He kind of slipped into the box business along with going to UTEP. He started ICS Packaging & Logistics with two employees in a 1,500-square-foot warehouse. Now the company has 15 employees working in 25,000 square feet.

“Making boxes isn’t rocket science,” Lanza says “You have to stress valued-added incentives – quick response time, quality of the item.”

Much of Lanza´s competition comes from national box-makers – many of whom own all aspects of the business,  even the trees, and paper mills.

When he first got into the business, Lanza says, he was surprised at how it was driven far more by industry leaders than by customer needs. But being smaller and locally owned, Lanza says he can twist and bend to meet the needs of his customers. 

“This industry has been dominated by two or three large companies that basically have their own way of marketing,” Lanza says.

“We had to get away from their shadow. We are customer-driven. We are customer-driven. We can do it when you need it and the quantity you want it.”

Lanza says his business has grown so rapidly because he’s able to do what no one else under their wing and teach them how to manufacture it.

That’s how ICS Packaging & Logistics got into plastic die-cutting.

And as more businesses head to the border to take advantage of free trade and Mexico´s lower labor costs, more supplies of all kinds – including boxes – are being purchased locally.

About 80 percent of Lanza´s boxes are taken to Juárez.

Then nearly every one of them comes back into the United States with products inside.

Lanza also sees opportunities with computer companies Relocating into the area – especially if their boxes are being made out of state. “I know I can save them money,” he says.

But the trick is “being able to talk to people and show them what we can do locally.”

Some of the items ICS Packaging & Logistics offers include corrugated boxes, folding cartons, pads, and partitions, foams, packaging design, die-cutting services, shipping items, and more. Lanza refers to his business as “the problem solvers.”

“No matter what you paper needs are, most likely we can solve them.

The ICS Visión 

“To be the acknowledged leader in our industry- the manufacturer and recycler of choice for both customers and suppliers- delivering creative and cost-effective procurement solutions on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border


Packaging manufacturing packaging engineering returnable PKG.


Transmaq freight and transportation warehousing.


Maquila to maquila transfer Mexican customs handling logistics coordination. 


Paper and wood products direct Juarez waste handling vertical integration.

Hybrid Pallets ICS Quality

Wood pallets have been a logistic solution used by the manufacturing industry to secure and optimize merchandise transportation. 

Nowadays the wood pallets manufacturing depends on the necessities or immediate specifications of any industrial sector, that is, the type and quantity of the load they transport, as well as their storage installations. 

The wood pallets made with raw material may present a future higher cost. As a result, packaging and logistics companies have chosen to help reduce the consumer’s costs giving added value in the manufacturing when elaborating Hybrid Wood pallets, that by its composition and materials are more accessible. 

A hybrid wooden pallet is designed to increase company profitability. This product is named hybrid because it is manufactured with new and recycled materials, giving the same functionality and resistance for merchandise storage.

The raw material quality and the useful life of a hybrid pallet allows substantial savings that, combined with an efficient storage system, manages to cover a high demand in the manufacturing market. 

Market Benefits of hybrid wood pallets.

The hybrid wood pallets in ICS Packaging & Logistics arise from the actual shortage of used pallets. By combining new and recycled materials, hybrid pallets are increasingly used within the manufacturing industry, thanks to the benefits they contribute. Among the most prominent we can mention that: 

  • They represent a substantial saving at the moment they get to their useful life. 
  • The materials can be recycled for other applications. 
  • They allow a quick dismantling for better storage and structure modifications. 
  • High resistance to merchandise transportation. 
  • They have a very long useful life. 
  • They decrease operating costs by avoiding the expense of new pallets. 

Heat Treatment for Wooden Pallets. – ICS

Process of recollection and fabrication of raw material for hybrid wood pallets. 

One of the incorporated services in ICS Packaging & Logistics is recycled wood pallets recollection, that later through logistics systems, the materials are transferred to our warehouses to be dismantled. 

Once they are dismantled, the pieces are stored so they can be combined with totally new materials and later assemble hybrid wood pallets according to each client’s requirements. This makes it possible to manufacture more wood pallets starting from the previous combination of materials. 

We make sure that everything is manufactured under the specifications, keeping every wood pallet free of risks and hassle-free for logistics or product transportation. 

Challenges of providing hybrid wooden pallets to the Mexican market. 

In Mexico, the management of recycled wooden pallets is a very competitive market, where in most cases there is a shortage of used materials. It is therefore that offering a solution among new wood pallets and recycled ones, has opened doors to wider markets in global consumer products industries, such as: 

  • Medical
  • Electronic
  • Automotive
  • Agro-industrial
  • Aerospacial

The supply of wood pallets for the transportation of these products is an important challenge to achieve. ICS Packaging & Logistics builds hybrid wood pallets with high-quality materials and carries out the high demand of these industries. 

The recovered material recollection process, handling, and storing have been the key to have raw material that guarantees cost reduction without losing quality and resistance. 

ICS Packaging & Logistics: Added Value for the industry with Hybrid Pallets usage.

For the manufacturing industry, finding a product that generates value-added from short to the long term, is a challenge to achieve. While it’s true that you must invest in pallet purchases, hybrid wooden pallets do not represent an elevated cost compared to acquiring them as a new purchase. 

In ICS Packaging & Logistics we have a very wide vision with a high level of capacity to cover any necessity, diminishing the operating costs of companies. This reflects the packaging we offer and the quality service to our clients. 

Since 2001, we have been direct suppliers for the border market and we count on services that ensure efficient deliveries and cover emergencies in purchase orders with a solid and competitive way for the industrial sector. 

We provide hybrid wood pallets up to a full and secure logistic service for merchandise deliveries. ICS Packaging & Logistics serves the regions of Chihuahua, Juarez, Monterrey, and El Paso, Tx with a big sense of commitment and responsibility. 

As a privately local company, we can respond quickly to our customers’ emergencies. Let us be your local packaging manufacturer.