Heat Treatment for Wood pallets, crates, and containers.

Did you know that crates and wood packaging must meet certain sanitary specifications?

In accordance with the Official Mexican STANDARD NOM-144-SEMARNAT-2017, all phytosanitary measures and requirements are set for the internationally recognized seal for wood packaging used in international trade in goods and merchandise.

This phytosanitary procedure is mandatory when shipping merchandise on a wood pallet. The rules share the statutes to regulate and prevent the proliferation of pests in the exchange of goods at the international level.

What is the process or treatment applied at ICS VMI Group?

The production of premium pallets at the ICS VMI Group plants consists of three main activities: treatment, manufacturing, and marking.

The thermal treatment is best known by the acronym HT (Heat Treated), which is done by sterilizing the wood through the application of heat and/or humidity control until reaching quality standards in accordance with the regulations of this product.

The wood goes through high performance, energy-efficient, and safe heat chambers for this treatment.

During this process, the pallets, containers, boxes, or crates being treated are heated to a core temperature of 140 degrees for a minimum of 30 minutes. This ensures that any pest will be killed off during this process, after which the pallet is ready to be used and reused to ship goods internationally.

Once this procedure is complete, in accordance with procedures and methods established through ISPM-15, it moves on to manufacturing by our specialized team.

Finally, the mark of a pallet according to the standard consists of a special symbol that is used together with the codes that identify the specific country, the producer or supplier responsible for the treatment, and the treatment applied.

ICS ISPM 15: Heat Treated Wood Packaging Mark

So the pallets manufactured in our facilities are marked with our country code, the ICS VMI Group license number, and the initials HT that refer to heat treatment.

Wooden Pallets.

By treating pallets in accordance with ISPM-15, we can prevent the spread of pests and ensure that your international shipments are not held up by customs officials.

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