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We design and manufacture all types of corrugated cardboard packaging needs with quality standards.

We offer comprehensive services for customized manufacturing packaging solutions.

Nuestra estructura independiente nos permite obtener materias primas de alta calidad de varias fuentes nacionales e internacionales. Centrándonos en las necesidades de la cadena de suministro, para empresas de todos los tamaños

ICS packaging capabilities


Prototype Box Design

Nuestro departamento de ingeniería, expertos en pruebas, AutoCAD, diseño 3D, Solidworks, y varias plataformas garantizan el desarrollo de soluciones innovadoras de empaque de alta resistencia para sus productos y la protección de su presupuesto

Cardboard Displays

Customizable point of purchase cardboard displays manufacturing in any design, shape or size. With our one-stop design service, we help you enhance your brand and promote your sales.


Full Color Printing

We can produce a daily demand for full printed cardboard boxes, with no minimum quantity required to order custom-printed boxes. Whether you need a single high-quality box to display a product or you’re changing your whole branding.

rework Services

We adapt any type of corrugated cardboard need with planned sustainability, our efficient rework system saves you time, money and effort.
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Kitting & Assembly

Our team offers you full manufacturing capabilities and hand labor kitting, sorting, and assembly of custom packaging services.


We can produce a daily demand for wooden pallets, crates, and containers in premium quality for your product transfer needs. 

wide variety of materials

Let us be your local packaging manufacturer

As a local company, we can respond quicker to our customers’ needs, from prototype box design to finished product.

Nuestros Servicios

Custom Corrugated Cardboard boxes.
Corrugated Cardboard containers with interior protective packaging.
Crossborder pick up and delivery.
In-house customs clearance support.
Wooden pallets and crates.
Warehousing services close to your customer.

ICS VMI Group Certifications

We offer direct control over the delivery and quality commitments, providing efficient services to get your products in the hands of your customers faster and meet their delivery expectations, regulated by:

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