Manufacturers of custom corrugated cardboard boxes

At ICS Packaging & Logistics we fulfill the purpose of resizing the packaging solutions sector, positioning ourselves as the best manufacturer of corrugated cardboard boxes. Our packaging solutions faithfully respond to the industry’s needs for high-capacity carton manufacturing.

The corrugated cardboard boxes manufactured by ICS Packaging & Logistics protect products and merchandise from various sectors of the economy. In this way, we offer a comprehensive service of very high quality, resistant materials, innovative and custom designs, as well as JIT delivery logistics.

We apply our experience and long history in the sector of industrial packaging solutions and offer very high-class prototype design. Likewise, we have highly qualified personnel for the design of boxes adapting to the demands and requirements of the client.

Quality Testing for Corrugated Board

At ICS Packaging & Logistics, we have a quality department that tests corrugated cardboard boxes in accordance with ISO standards to measure their quality and resistance to use. Some of these tests are the following ones:

McKEE Formula – Compressive Strength

The McKEE formula is a tool that helps estimate the compressive strength of a corrugated cardboard box or the maximum load that the box can support. For the compressive strength value, ECT (Edge Crush Test) values, corrugated cardboard caliper, and box length, width, and height are used to ensure the integrity of the box.

Mullen Test

The Mullen test (Mullen Test or Bursting Strength Test) measures the resistance to perforation or the condition of the corrugated cardboard. It is expressed in Kilograms per square centimeter (Kg / cm2) or in Pounds per square inch.

Resistance Test or ECT (Edge Crush Test)

This test is used to measure the ability of a box to withstand compression along the axis of the flutes, this test is used to determine the strength of corrugated packing.

Importance of packaging solutions

Packaging solutions are especially useful for protecting goods and products to be transported against shocks, falls and vibrations. Corrugated cardboard boxes are the best alternative, since in addition to being perfectly stacked, they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Corrugated cardboard boxes manufactured by ICS Packaging & Logistics offer high resistance to stacking (compression). As well as a great firmness to crushing (blows). The weight and volume criteria are categorical for cardboard boxes.

Value offer in packaging solutions

With more than 20 years in the packaging manufacturing sector, our value proposition is based on offering high capacity manufacturing. With an excellent cost-benefit ratio, our customers obtain resistant products while being budget-friendly.

ICS Packaging & Logistics has positioned itself as a fundamental benchmark in prototype design and cardboard rework. This is due to the high quality of its raw material, the transparency of its processes, and its focus on continuous improvement of the supply chain.