Packaging design, what we are capable of doing

At ICS Packaging & Logistics we cover the storage, protection, and transportation needs in a satisfactory way from a futuristic and innovative vision. Likewise, our packaging design is characterized by complying with strict quality, safety, and profitability standards. Counting in turn, with innovative and attractive designs.

In the elaboration and manufacture of personalized designs, careful processes are involved, based on high-quality standards of our manufactured and commercialized products, satisfying all the needs of our local clients.

Packaging design. Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard boxes are the most practical solution when it comes to packaging design. They are also ideal for the transport of merchandise in the electronics, agro-industrial, automotive and household appliances industries. At ICS Packaging & Logistics we offer aerospace and medical packaging solutions.


·         Personalized design

·         Costs reduction

·         Propaganda

·         Efficiency

·         Protection and resistance

Our Packaging Design department designs and develops a completely new and different corrugated cardboard packaging according to the specific needs of your products, reducing production costs.

Types of flutes

The flutes are classified by letters from “A” to “F”. The thicker the flute, the thicker and stronger the corrugated will be:

·         Flute type A: It is the most resistant in terms of vertical pressure. With a height between 4.0 mm. and 4.8 mm.

·         Flute type B: With a height between 2.1 mm. and 3.0 mm. It is more resistant to horizontal pressure.

·         Flute type C: Offers proportional resistance. Its height is between 3.2 mm. at 4.0 mm.

·         Flute type E: It is extremely thin. It is generally used to make the micro-corrugated board. With a height of 1.1 mm. 1 .8 mm.

·         Flute type F: With a height of 0.75 mm. to 0.90 mm. It is known as microcorrugated.

Types of corrugated cardboard

These depend on the number of smooth cardboard sheets and the corrugated paper structures to be used. Some of the most common types of packaging are:

·         Simple channel: consists of a flat cardboard sheet and a corrugated paper structure. It tends to be a flexible frame. It is recommended to wrap delicate products before placing them inside the previously chosen boxes.

·        Single-wave cardboard or double-sided cardboard: consists of two smooth cardboard sheets and a corrugated paper structure. Its structure is rather rigid. It is the most used in making boxes.

·         Double channel: Offers greater resistance than the previous ones. It is made up of two corrugated paper structures and three smooth cardboard sheets.

·         Triple channel: Recommended for especially heavy goods. It is manufactured with three sheets of corrugated paper and four sheets of smooth cardboard.

At ICS Packaging & Logistics, it acquires customized corrugated cardboard boxes according to the characteristics and required needs, as well as the design of prototypes. Our packaging design offers great versatility and a wide variety of styles.