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Consolidate all supplier inventories just a step away from your Mexico plant.

Consolidate your supply chain in Mexico.

ICS VMI Group has the ability to combine different materials in a single supply chain while being efficient with scheduled deliveries; We generate substantial savings in handling and storage through our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) process.

Inventario VMI

Our strategically designed infrastructure which has a number of warehouses and plants distributed in different parts of the city, allows us to carry combined inventories from different suppliers. This, combined with delivery of packaging materials Just in Time (JIT) and our support with imports through customs, allows us to achieve greater efficiency in logistics and offer significant cost reductions for the end customer.

Beneficios de VMI:

  • Reduces the need to maintain and manage high levels of inventory within the client’s plant. Vendor inventory is now located within 1 hr delivery time.
  • Significant savings in costs and storage space.
  • ICS VMI Group is responsible for managing reorder points, reducing production stoppage by forecasting specific supply needs.
  • Direct involvement in the import of materials, providing specialized and unique transactional savings.
  • Optimization of the chain of deliveries of materials and support of the corresponding Customs regulations.

ICS VMI Group has chosen to maintain strategic alliances with multiple suppliers to work directly on customer requirements, creating a unique solution that guarantees timely and efficient delivery of the product in Mexico.

Our goal is to produce savings in achieving operational excellence through the consolidation of premium suppliers and the optimization of transport and Customs, exceeding the expectations of each of our clients with savings and efficiencies.

ICS VMI Group has exclusive locations for handling high storage requirements and VMI or JIT support, our IT infrastructure allows us to operate as an external location within the client’s inventory systems.

Ask how we can manage your inventory from your various suppliers in a combined flow, one step away from your operations in Mexico.