Home Appliances

The Cluster of Home Appliances in Mexico is the main exporter of home appliances in Latin America. Reaching a production of 9,595 million dollars and an average growth of 5.5% according to the statistics evaluated by Pro México in the Appliance Industry.

Mexico manufactures appliances with an average national content of over 60%, which leaves an economic spill of more than 5,700 million dollars. The high content of national integration makes our country the ideal region to attract more foreign investment or expand operations in the sector.

The national export of the Appliance Industry is estimated to be over $ 8.7 billion.

The industry mainly exports to the United States, Canada, Colombia, Chile and Venezuela.

Due to the growth of the industry, ICS VMI Group offers sustainable packaging solutions to protect your products regardless of their size or shape, each of the packages are designed and manufactured under strict safety standards, quality of materials ensuring that your products arrive to your destination in optimal conditions.

ICS VMI Group’s appliances packaging solutions

  • Foam
  • Corrugated Cardboard boxes and packaging
  • Protective Corners
  • Partitions
  • Pallets
  • Stretch film
  • Design
  • Rework
  • VMI / JIT
  • Logistics.