Just in time

Special Assemblies Center – Juarez, Chih., MX

Our team is in continuous improvement by providing a strategic network of customer service that increases productivity.  We have detected that a large part of our clients seek to optimize storage spaces and receive pre-assembled packaging products.

Our Libramiento plant focuses on:

  • Raw material management.
  • Storage of finished and pre-assembled products.
  • Assembly and Distribution Services.
gestion de inventarios

Returnable Distribution and Management Center – Juarez, Chih., MX

We have an optimal supply chain, which balances our customers’ inventory, logistics and storage costs. Part of our service is to be an ally to understand the flow and needs of your daily operations, providing a timely solution by leveraging our fleet with more than 200 trailers and various warehouses for storage, JIT and VMI inventory systems.

The facilities of our center specialize in:

  • Storage of finished product.
  • VMI and JIT inventory management.
  • Maintenance and washing of materials to be reused as returnable.
  • Rework of packaging in corrugated cardboard and plastic.
  • Logistics of finished product deliveries.
ubicaciones de ICS

Raw Material and Distribution Management – El Paso, TX, U.S.A.

The strength and experience of ICS VMI Group in the manufacturing and logistics market of the supply of cardboard packaging products and other materials has allowed us to create a binational strategy within the most important border areas for Mexico – United States. In our support facilities in El Paso Tx. We guarantee that all raw material, finished products and corrugated cardboard, wood and plastic packaging are kept aligned with C-TPAT and OEA certifications, giving high response capabilities and immediate delivery to the orders placed by each of our clients.

We offer services of:

  • Logistics and distribution.
  • Storage
  • Raw material management of different suppliers under the same supply chain.

Cardboard Factory and its derivatives – Juarez, Chih., MX

Central operations of ICS VMI Group, where we have specialized experts in each service area. Our plant focuses on optimizing costs and working with clients to guide, improve and facilitate corrugated cardboard packaging solutions. ICS VMI Group also offers packaging in plastic and wood materials for the manufacture, transformation and recycling of pallets. Throughout the process from its requisition to the delivery of the goods, we take care of cost reductions and improvements to the supply operations of each of our clients.

Our facility’s areas of expertise:

  • Storage for raw material or finished product.
  • Design and engineering of prototypes.
  • Packaging transformation and production.
  • Assembly and automatic or manual gluing.
  • Distribution and administration of finished products.
  • Creation, transformation and recycling of pallets.