Recycling and Waste Management

ICS VMI Group uses circular supply as its principle, giving a new life to your packaging by converting it to raw material.

Are you looking to maximize the value of your recyclable cardboard and wood?

As part of our philosophy and environmental concern, ICS VMI Group actively participates in the management of reverse logistics for the recovery of recyclable materials such as cardboard, plastics and wood in order to incorporate its value into our own manufacturing processes. What to some is considered waste , can become raw material for ICS VMI Group.

Efective Waste Managementc

We have specialized in the management, purchase and sale of recyclable materials; We provide solutions that allow us to assume the responsibilities of being in compliance with all reports and requirements corresponding to US and Mexican customs.

Waste Management Specialties

At ICS VMI Group we have the ability to offer our customers manufactured products in combination with recycled materials; using as a starting point the quality standards, constant training of personnel and the evolutionary process of innovation in which our production area is located.

With our recycling program, we have machinery and recovery systems for our customers’ remaining packaging materials in order to analyze them and present new opportunities by improving the efficiency and reuse of materials, making us leaders in our approach to the recyclable economy.

Recycle and recover the maximum value of the excess materials of your process.