ICS PACKAGING & LOGISTICS has proven since 2001, to be the fastest growing and reliable packaging manufacturer, providing custom solutions and a delivery logistics program along the US-Mexico border region. We have a proven track record of providing a complete and highly competitive value proposition on both sides of the border as packaging manufacturers, direct designers of custom engineering solutions of corrugated cardboard boxes, wood and plastic containers and other packaging supplies.

Direct control over the delivery and quality commitments we make with our manufacturers customers, added to our extensive transport, inventory management and storage, reusable packaging containers handling and VMI- JIT inventory management programs; regulated by ISO 9001: 2015, C-TPAT and OAE certifications, have allowed ICS Packaging & Logistics to be the largest independent supplier for the manufacturing industries in the area.

Our packaging manufacturing strategy is based on the continuous cost improvement of the supply chain with the fastest and most flexible deliveries in the market backed by a team of experts that provide quality and efficient packaging, logistics and inventory management solutions to the requirements of our industrial customers.


Provide the industry with innovative and highly competitive packaging manufacturing services, with high quality cardboard products designs and support in JIT delivery logistics between Mexico and the United States.


To be the bi-national leader in flexible engineering solutions in corrugated cardboard manufacturing, wood and plastics packaging with support in immediate delivery logistics and inventory management services that meet the needs of our customers, ensuring ISO 9001: 2015 quality standards and sustainability.



We equip our plants to maintain a risk-free environment, ensuring the optimization of processes and packaging deliveries to the customer.


We maintain constant training following our certifications to provide our clients with intelligent cost effective packaging solutions and logistics services.


We propose and work on daily goals to achieve operational excellence and an advantage of competitive costs in each cardboard, wood or plastic container.


Efficiency of our packaging operations with the balanced use of design, resources and recyclable materials for all manufacturing needs.


Thanks to our highly trained team and independent sourcing of raw materials, we provide efficient and complete services according to the needs of the manufacturing customer.