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Wood and Cardboard Pallets

Platforms manufactured to customer specifications and with guaranteed quality for national and international shipments.

Are you looking to reduce costs in your transfers with custom made pallets?

The use of pallets is essential in international trade for the movement and protection of goods and merchandise, ICS VMI Group gives you the security of receiving high quality pallets regulated by the certification of the Official Mexican Standard NOM-144 -SEMARNAT-2017 which establish the phytosanitary measures and requirements for premium materials at an international level for the import and export operations of merchandise in wood materials.

We ensure that our wood pallets are manufactured to the exact specifications of the client, keeping them free of health risks and mishaps for the transportation of customer’s products. We offer all types of pallets in wood and cardboard with competitive costs and guaranteed quality material to ensure our customers total satisfaction.

Our capabilities in pallets are:

  • Pallets New Premium Quality. US and /or Imported wood
  • Softwood or Hardwood custom or standardized Pallets.
  • Plywood Pallets.
  • Recycled Pallets ( used; all grade types ).
  • Hybrid pallets. ( use of different grades of material )
  • Custom designs in wood or corrugated or a combination of both
  • Crates or packing boxes. Specialty items made to customer specification.

ICS VMI Group guarantees the correct handling of NIMF-15 Thermal Treatment for wood pallets. The thermal treatment of the pallets is the sterilization of the wood by means of the application of heat and / or humidity control until reaching quality standards according to the regulations of this product.

The pallets go through a high-performing, energy efficient and safe heat chamber for treatment.

This phytosanitary procedure is mandatory at the time of international shipments of merchandise on a  wood pallet. Thanks to the treatment of pallets in accordance with NIMF-15 regulations we can prevent the proliferation of pests in the pallets and ensure your international shipments are not held up by customs officials.

Once our wood pallets have been treated in accordance with the procedures and methods of ISPM-15, they are marked with our country code, the ICS VMI Group license number and HT initials that refer to heat treatment.

 Benefits of our Premium Line

  • Greater load capacity and reduction of unforeseen damages.
  • Wood in different national and imported types.
  • Manufacturing quality strictly complies with client specifications.
  • Undergoing heat treatments complying with international regulations.
  • Reusable and subject to material recovery programs.

Our capabilities have allowed us to maintain a large stock in different types of new or recycled wood material, ICS VMI Group can produce a daily demand for pallets or containers in premium quality for your product transfer needs. Our manufacturing plants also make available a warehousing option and JIT supply of product according to our customers daily requirements.

Know the different materials available for building your custom pallets with the highest quality standards and competitive price.