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Packaging design, what we are capable of doing

At ICS Packaging & Logistics we cover the storage, protection, and transportation needs in a satisfactory way from a futuristic and innovative vision. Likewise, our packaging design is characterized by complying with strict quality, safety, and profitability standards. Counting in turn, with innovative and attractive designs.

In the elaboration and manufacture of personalized designs, careful processes are involved, based on high-quality standards of our manufactured and commercialized products, satisfying all the needs of our local clients.

Packaging design. Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard boxes are the most practical solution when it comes to packaging design. They are also ideal for the transport of merchandise in the electronics, agro-industrial, automotive and household appliances industries. At ICS Packaging & Logistics we offer aerospace and medical packaging solutions.


·         Personalized design

·         Costs reduction

·         Propaganda

·         Efficiency

·         Protection and resistance

Our Packaging Design department designs and develops a completely new and different corrugated cardboard packaging according to the specific needs of your products, reducing production costs.

Types of flutes

The flutes are classified by letters from “A” to “F”. The thicker the flute, the thicker and stronger the corrugated will be:

·         Flute type A: It is the most resistant in terms of vertical pressure. With a height between 4.0 mm. and 4.8 mm.

·         Flute type B: With a height between 2.1 mm. and 3.0 mm. It is more resistant to horizontal pressure.

·         Flute type C: Offers proportional resistance. Its height is between 3.2 mm. at 4.0 mm.

·         Flute type E: It is extremely thin. It is generally used to make the micro-corrugated board. With a height of 1.1 mm. 1 .8 mm.

·         Flute type F: With a height of 0.75 mm. to 0.90 mm. It is known as microcorrugated.

Types of corrugated cardboard

These depend on the number of smooth cardboard sheets and the corrugated paper structures to be used. Some of the most common types of packaging are:

·         Simple channel: consists of a flat cardboard sheet and a corrugated paper structure. It tends to be a flexible frame. It is recommended to wrap delicate products before placing them inside the previously chosen boxes.

·        Single-wave cardboard or double-sided cardboard: consists of two smooth cardboard sheets and a corrugated paper structure. Its structure is rather rigid. It is the most used in making boxes.

·         Double channel: Offers greater resistance than the previous ones. It is made up of two corrugated paper structures and three smooth cardboard sheets.

·         Triple channel: Recommended for especially heavy goods. It is manufactured with three sheets of corrugated paper and four sheets of smooth cardboard.

At ICS Packaging & Logistics, it acquires customized corrugated cardboard boxes according to the characteristics and required needs, as well as the design of prototypes. Our packaging design offers great versatility and a wide variety of styles.

Hybrid Pallets ICS Quality

Wood pallets have been a logistic solution used by the manufacturing industry to secure and optimize merchandise transportation. 

Nowadays the wood pallets manufacturing depends on the necessities or immediate specifications of any industrial sector, that is, the type and quantity of the load they transport, as well as their storage installations. 

The wood pallets made with raw material may present a future higher cost. As a result, packaging and logistics companies have chosen to help reduce the consumer’s costs giving added value in the manufacturing when elaborating Hybrid Wood pallets, that by its composition and materials are more accessible. 

A hybrid wooden pallet is designed to increase company profitability. This product is named hybrid because it is manufactured with new and recycled materials, giving the same functionality and resistance for merchandise storage.

The raw material quality and the useful life of a hybrid pallet allows substantial savings that, combined with an efficient storage system, manages to cover a high demand in the manufacturing market. 

Market Benefits of hybrid wood pallets.

The hybrid wood pallets in ICS Packaging & Logistics arise from the actual shortage of used pallets. By combining new and recycled materials, hybrid pallets are increasingly used within the manufacturing industry, thanks to the benefits they contribute. Among the most prominent we can mention that: 

  • They represent a substantial saving at the moment they get to their useful life. 
  • The materials can be recycled for other applications. 
  • They allow a quick dismantling for better storage and structure modifications. 
  • High resistance to merchandise transportation. 
  • They have a very long useful life. 
  • They decrease operating costs by avoiding the expense of new pallets. 

Heat Treatment for Wooden Pallets. – ICS

Process of recollection and fabrication of raw material for hybrid wood pallets. 

One of the incorporated services in ICS Packaging & Logistics is recycled wood pallets recollection, that later through logistics systems, the materials are transferred to our warehouses to be dismantled. 

Once they are dismantled, the pieces are stored so they can be combined with totally new materials and later assemble hybrid wood pallets according to each client’s requirements. This makes it possible to manufacture more wood pallets starting from the previous combination of materials. 

We make sure that everything is manufactured under the specifications, keeping every wood pallet free of risks and hassle-free for logistics or product transportation. 

Challenges of providing hybrid wooden pallets to the Mexican market. 

In Mexico, the management of recycled wooden pallets is a very competitive market, where in most cases there is a shortage of used materials. It is therefore that offering a solution among new wood pallets and recycled ones, has opened doors to wider markets in global consumer products industries, such as: 

  • Medical
  • Electronic
  • Automotive
  • Agro-industrial
  • Aerospacial

The supply of wood pallets for the transportation of these products is an important challenge to achieve. ICS Packaging & Logistics builds hybrid wood pallets with high-quality materials and carries out the high demand of these industries. 

The recovered material recollection process, handling, and storing have been the key to have raw material that guarantees cost reduction without losing quality and resistance. 

ICS Packaging & Logistics: Added Value for the industry with Hybrid Pallets usage.

For the manufacturing industry, finding a product that generates value-added from short to the long term, is a challenge to achieve. While it’s true that you must invest in pallet purchases, hybrid wooden pallets do not represent an elevated cost compared to acquiring them as a new purchase. 

In ICS Packaging & Logistics we have a very wide vision with a high level of capacity to cover any necessity, diminishing the operating costs of companies. This reflects the packaging we offer and the quality service to our clients. 

Since 2001, we have been direct suppliers for the border market and we count on services that ensure efficient deliveries and cover emergencies in purchase orders with a solid and competitive way for the industrial sector. 

We provide hybrid wood pallets up to a full and secure logistic service for merchandise deliveries. ICS Packaging & Logistics serves the regions of Chihuahua, Juarez, Monterrey, and El Paso, Tx with a big sense of commitment and responsibility. 

As a privately local company, we can respond quickly to our customers’ emergencies. Let us be your local packaging manufacturer.

ICS Service

ICS Packaging & Logistics offering additional services during the crisis

Dear ICS customers

Due to the industrial activation, our commitment, responsibility, and processes are focused on giving security and the best service on a daily basis.

Our facilities are operated by highly trained employees to meet the needs of our customers. We are aware that our internal processes directly impact your industry, from the quality of manufacturing, delivery of the finished product, and the returnable packaging.

In our returnable packaging program we have extended life cycle containers, and our operations include manufacturing, integration into the supply chain, recovery for proper repair, cleaning, and labeling, all in a comprehensive supply chain for the highest daily performance.

At ICS we work to provide high quality, efficient response in special packaging situations, being prepared to advise you in each of our Customs, Logistics, Returnable Packaging, Rework, Design, Storage, and Packaging Services in corrugated cardboard, wood or plastics.

As support to all size businesses, ICS Packaging & Logistics has the service capacity of 600 hand labor to do reworks, sorting, and assembly on your packaging. Also with this new program, our prototype design department will be able to evaluate new projects with no minimums of order.

We still remain committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees and contractors, as well as our customers. We are sympathetic to the adjustments of any supply chain by making valuable contributions to optimize our internal processes.

We invite you to visit our website www.icsvmi.com and sign up to receive email notifications to get updated information about our services.

Board of Directors
ICS Packaging & Logistics

Heat treatment for wood pallets, crates, and containers

Did you know that crates and wood packaging must meet certain sanitary specifications?

In accordance with the Official Mexican STANDARD NOM-144-SEMARNAT-2017, all phytosanitary measures and requirements are set for the internationally recognized seal for wood packaging used in international trade in goods and merchandise.

This phytosanitary procedure is mandatory when shipping merchandise on a wood pallet. The rules share the statutes to regulate and prevent the proliferation of pests in the exchange of goods at the international level.

What is the process or treatment applied at ICS Packaging & Logistics?

The production of premium pallets at the ICS Packaging & Logistics plants consists of three main activities: treatment, manufacturing, and marking.

The thermal treatment is best known by the acronym HT (Heat Treated), which is done by sterilizing the wood through the application of heat and/or humidity control until reaching quality standards in accordance with the regulations of this product.

The wood goes through high performance, energy-efficient, and safe heat chambers for this treatment.

During this process, the pallets, containers, boxes, or crates being treated are heated to a core temperature of 140 degrees for a minimum of 30 minutes. This ensures that any pest will be killed off during this process, after which the pallet is ready to be used and reused to ship goods internationally.

Once this procedure is complete, in accordance with procedures and methods established through ISPM-15, it moves on to manufacturing by our specialized team.

Finally, the mark of a pallet according to the standard consists of a special symbol that is used together with the codes that identify the specific country, the producer or supplier responsible for the treatment, and the treatment applied.

ICS ISPM 15: Heat Treated Wood Packaging Mark

So the pallets manufactured in our facilities are marked with our country code, the ICS Packaging & Logistics license number, and the initials HT that refer to heat treatment.

Wooden Pallets.

By treating pallets in accordance with ISPM-15, we can prevent the spread of pests and ensure that your international shipments are not held up by customs officials.

Learn more about the different types of wood, manufacturing, and treatment capabilities of ICS Packaging & Logistics.

ICS packing service

A letter from ICS Packaging in response to COVID-19

Dear ICS customers

Due to the international spread of COVID-19 and with the commitment to act responsibly to the state of national alert, we want to share with you pertinent information that concerns our care services.

We are aware that our internal processes directly impact your industry, from the quality of manufacturing, delivery of the finished product, and return of our returnable packaging.

As ESSENTIAL SUPPLIERS for the industry, our facilities continue operating to meet the needs of our customers, and as a contingency plan, we carry a strict protocol of greater sanitation and control of external agents, thus avoiding contamination towards your products.

In our returnable packaging program, we have extended life cycle containers, and our operations include manufacturing, integration into the supply chain, recovery for proper repair, cleaning, and labeling, all in a comprehensive supply chain for the highest daily performance.

For ICS the security for our clients, associates, and family is crucial in this transition phase.

At ICS we work daily to provide the best possible care in situations arising from the pandemic and are prepared to advise you in each of our Customs, Logistics, Returnable, Rework, Design, Storage, and Packaging Services in corrugated cardboard, wood or plastics.

We want to reaffirm that we have taken all necessary measures to ensure the continuous supply of products and services during these times of crisis. In case anything else changes we will notify you as far in advance as possible.

We invite you to visit our website www.icsvmi.com and sign up to receive email notifications to get updated information about any changes to our services.


Corporate Management
ICS Packaging & Logistics